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Magic Stuff

Great things from the Hitching Post!

T-Shirts, Ball Caps, and our famous Magic Stuff all-purpose seasoning, just like we use here in the restaurant. Great on the grill!  

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Magic Stuff


Our Hartley Ostini Highliner Pinot Noir Tee

Note: T-Shirts are now khaki with burgundy and black printing... We'll have a picture up soon

Smoked Tomato Pest

Back by Popular Demand - Smoked Tomato Pesto!

This special pesto of smoked tomatoes, grilled vegetables, can be mixed with two parts mayonnaise to create the famous Hitching Post Smoked Tomato Ancho Chile Mayonnaise.

You can also mix this pesto with sour cream or yogurt to make your own special dip. With vinegar and oil make into a vinaigrette for a salad and sauce for pasta, or simply spread on a sandwich or on toast for a Smoked Tomato Crostini.

Smoked Tomato Pesto

Bottle (9.8 oz.) 


Magic Stuff

Plastic Jar (3 oz.) 


Bulk Bag (8 oz.)


Stainless Refillable Shaker (5 oz.)


Hartley Ostini Pinot Noir T- Shirts

Men's Medium


Men's Large


Men's X-Large


Ball Caps

One size


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