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Roasted Garlic 
Slow roasted to a soft and smooth texture so you can spread it on toast with herbs and roasted peppers.
BBQ Sauteed Mushrooms
8 oz. of mushrooms, grilled for smoke flavor, then sauteed with red wine and spices
Stuffed Pasilla Pepper
A Pasilla chile, mild to medium-hot, roasted and stuffed with shrimp and provolone cheese, served with a grilled corn salsa.
Grilled Artichoke
Our most popular appetizer, unique smoke flavor from the grill, seasoned with Magic Dust and served with a spicy smoked tomato mayonnaise. Buy our Smoked Tomato Pesto - 8oz jar for $10 and make 3 cups of this smoked tomato mayonnaise at home!
Steamed Mussels
16 oz. of mussels, steamed with beer, vegetables and mussel liquor making a wonderful broth worth dipping with bread.
Grilled Texas Quail
4 oz. of quail, naturally grown and fresh, partially boned and quickly grilled so it is flavorful & moist, served with Wild Turkey sweet potatoes.


Fresh Vegetable Tray & Garlic Bread
Your choice of Rice Pilaf, Baked Potato or French Fries

& Two Preliminary Courses:
Your Choice of Organic Mixed Green Salad or Today's Soup
Your Choice of Bay Shrimp Cocktail (add $1), Today's Soup or Neither (Less $1)


 We buy the best beef in America, sourced from small packers in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas and aged to our specifications. We cut your steak here and grill it over an oakwood fire as only the Hitching Post has done for over 50 years. Seasoned with our unique blend of salt and spices called Magic Dust, you've got one of the best steaks anywhere!


Very red inside, warm in middle
Still red inside, when the juices start to flow
Pink edges & red in middle, still juicy
Just a touch of pink in middle
Well done
Cooked through, little or no pink inside. We recommend the "butterfly" cut so these steaks are thinner.

Cornfed Midwestern Beef
Prime Top Sirloin
A hearty steak with the higest grade of beef, very juicy with lots of flavor, aged for tenderness. The meat eater's cut.
  7 oz
10 oz
15 oz
Prime Flat Iron
A European cut new to Americans, from the chuck area of prime grade beef, very juicy and flavorful , sliced and served with a cherry-peppercorn sauce.
8 oz
Filet Mignon
The rarest & most sought after cut  Prized for it's fork-cutting tenderness and enhanced flavor from our grill.
5 oz
8 oz
12 oz
New York
A good combination of beefy flavor and fine textured tenderness. The chef's favorite
10 oz
14 oz
Angus Rib Chop
The bone-in rib steak cut off the roast and cooked slow over the oak. Like no prime rib you've ever eaten. Tasty and big enough to share.
24/26 oz

Chose one of:
(4oz.), Duck (7oz.) or Shrimp (4oz.)
and add a steak . . . .

Top Sirloin (7 oz.) $38.95
Filet Mignon (5 oz.)  $44.95
Pork & Lamb

Pork Baby Back Ribs
No sticky sauce, just the satisfying flavor of oak & the Magic Dust. (Served Sunday through Friday only)
  1 lb.
Smoked Prime Rib of Pork
Smoked & oak grilled, succulent and delicious center cuty loin served with apple-red pepper chutney
1 chop  (  7 oz.)
2 chops (14 oz.)
California Rack of Lamb
Tender, mild flavor, marinated in cajun & garlic spices, then grilled
 10 oz. . . . .


Grilled Texas Quail
Naturally raised and partially de-boned. Quickly grilled, juciy and flavorful. Four ounces each.

Fresh Shelton Chicken Breast
10 oz. of NATURAL & high quality chicken from the California desert, oak grilled and still juicy.
10 oz $22.95
Diestel Ranch Turkey Steak
A steak of white breast NATURAL turkey from the Sierra foothills, cold smoked then grilled and served with an apple-red pepper chutney
8 oz $23.95
Smoked Duck Breast
Cold smoked and grilled over oak, slightly pink inside, served with an apricot-ginger sauce. Miles likes it with HIGHLINER.
7 oz $25.95


Tonight's Fresh Fish
The freshest fish available, boneless, and grilled over the oak fire. Your waitperson has tonight's details.
  7 oz A.Q.
Grilled Gulf Shrimp
White prawns from the Gulf of Mexico, skewered with onion and bell pepper, delicious over the oak grill.
4 oz
8 oz


Steak or Chicken (5 oz.) ......$8.95

Top Sirloin or fresh chicken breast includes choice of french fries, baked potato, or rice pilaf, choice of milk, soda or apple juice, and ice cream.
Children under 12, please.


Shrimp Cockail $5 Baked Potato $5
Green Salad $5
French Fries $5
Relish Tray $5
Garlic Bread $5
Soup - Cup $4
Coffee, Tea $2
Soup - Bowl $6
Espresso $3
Milk $2
Cappucino $4
Soda (free refills)
Ice Cream $4
Smoked Tomato Mayo $2 Magic Dust Jar $4
Magic Dust Shaker $10 Magic Dust Bag (8oz) $6
Smoked Tomato Pesto (8oz. Jar) Make the mayo at home!



No Separate Checks, Please
Prices and availability subject to change without notice
17% Service Charge on tables of 8 or more
Not responsible for lost or stolen articles
Sales Tax will be added

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